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(Books to Add to Your Library)

This is by no means the ultimate list of books on puppetry! There are many, many books available. There are also a number of other media, such as DVDs and websites that have information about puppetry, Consider this a beginning list. If you discover a book that is not on this list, but should be, please e-mail info@purplerock.org.


Selected Books for educators available through the Puppetry Store (http://www.puppeteers.org/puppstore.html)

Bauer, Caroline Feller

Leading Kids to Reading through Puppets

Champlin, Connie

Storytelling With Puppets

Coad Canada Puppets

Puppets for Schools

Coad Canada Puppets

Using Puppets in Schools

Hunt, Tamara and Renfron, Nancy

Puppetry in Early Childhood Education

O'Hare, Judith (editor)

Puppetry in Education and Therapy

Rump, Nan

Puppets and Masks: Stagecraft and Storytelling

Schubert, Lettie-Connell

A Manual of Hand Puppet Manipulation

Van Schuyer, Jan

Storytelling Made Easy With Puppets

Wisniewski, David and Donna

Worlds of Shadow: Shadow Puppetry in the Classroom


Selected Books for educators that are available from other sources (google them, or check amazon.com or e-bay)

Flower, Cedric; Fortney, Alan Jon

Puppets: Methods and Materials

Henson, Cheryl,

The Muppets Make Puppets

Latshaw, George

The Complete Book of Puppetry

Engler, Larry and Fijan, Carol

Making Puppets Come Alive (How to learn and teach hand puppetry)



Books that are out of print, but valuable for photos, reference, and history of puppetry:

ABBE, Dorothy. The Dwiggins Marionettes: A Complete Experimental Theatre in Miniature. New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc. [s.d.]. Cote/Call number: PN1978 U6 A2 1970

ADACHI, Barbara C.; SACKETT, Joel. Backstage at Bunraku. New York: John Weatherhill, Inc. 1985. Cote/Call number: PN1978 J3 1985

AND, Metin. Karagöz: Turkish Shadow Theatre with an Appendix on the History of Turkish Puppet Theatre 3rd ed. Istanbul: Dost Publications. 1987. Cote/Call number: PN1979 S5 A5 1979

ANDO, Tsuruo. Bunraku: The Puppet Theater. New York: Walker / Weatherhill (Performing Arts of Japan: 1). 1970. Cote/Call number: PN1978 J3 A53 1970

BAIRD, Bil. The Art of the Puppet. New York: The Macmillan Company. 1965. Cote/Call number: PN1972 B24 1965

--- . Puppets and Population. New York: World Education. [1971]. Cote/Call number: HQ763.5 B34 1971

BALDWIN, Peter. Toy Theatres of the World. London: A. Zwemmer Ltd. 1992. Cote/Call number: PN1979 T6 B345

BASGÖZ, Ilhan. Karagöz: The Turkish Shadow Play Theatre. [s.l.: Indiana University Turkish Studies. s.d.]. Cote/Call number: PN1979 S5 B375

BEATON, Mabel; BEATON, Les. Marionettes: A Hobby for Everyone. New York: Thomas Y Crowell Company. 1948. Cote/Call number: PN1972 B428 1948

BINYON, Helen. Puppetry Today. London: Studio Vista. 1966. Cote/Call number: TT174.7 B56 1966

BODOR, John. Creating and Presenting Hand Puppets. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation. 1967. Cote/Call number: PN1972 B636 1967

BOEKHOLT, Albert. Puppets & Masks. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 1981. Cote/Call number: TT898 B6313 1981

Center for Puppetry Arts Museum. The World of the Wayang: Puppetry of Indonesia. Atlanta: The Museum. 1990. Cote/Call number: PN1978 I5 C46 1990

COAD, Luman. Marionette Sourcebook: Theory & Technique. North Vancouver: Charlemagne Press. 1993. Cote/Call number: PN1972 C634 1993

COLE, Nancy H. Puppet Theatre in Performance: Everything You Need to Know About How to Produce Puppet Plays. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1978. Cote/Call number: PN1972 C656 1978

FIJAN, Carol and Frank Ballard. Directing Puppet theatre Step by Step. Resourse Publications 1989 San Jose, CA. ISBN: 0-89390-126-1

FINCH, Christopher. Of Muppets & Men: The Making of the Muppet Show. New York: Muppet Press / Alfred A. Knopf. 1981. Cote/Call number: PN1992.77 M853 F5 1981

FINCH, Christopher (1993) Jim Henson, The Works New York: Random House. ISBN: 0-679-41203-4.

FLEXNER, Marion and Alice Cane and Dorothy Clark (1935) Hand-Puppets, A Practical Manual for Teachers and Children New York: Samuel French

FRASER, Peter. Introducing Puppetry. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd. 1968. Cote/Call number: PN1972 F736 1968

---. Punch and Judy. London: B.T. Batsford Limited. 1970. Cote/Call number: PN1979 P9 F73 1970

---. Puppet Circus. Boston: Plays Inc. 1971. Cote/Call number: PN1972 F737 1971

FRENCH, Susan. Presenting Marionettes. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation. 1964. Cote/Call number: PN1972 F73 1964

Frog Print Theatre. The One-Person Puppet Show. Willowdale (Ont.): Ontario Puppetry Association Publishing Company. 1981. Cote/Call number: PN1972 O53 1981

HANFORD, Robert Ten Eyck. The Complete Book of Puppets and Puppeteering. New York: Drake Publishers Inc. 1976. Cote/Call number: PN1972 H36 1976

HUNT, Tamara Robin. Tony Sarg: Puppeteer in America, 1915-1942. North Vancouver: Charlemagne Press: 1988. Cote/Call number: PN1982 S27 H86 1988

HUTTON, Darryl. Ventriloquism: How to Put on an Act, Use the Power of Suggestion, Write a Clever Accompanying Patter and Make your Own Dummy. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 1977. Cote/Call number: GV1557 H888 1975

JACKSON, Sheila. Simple Puppetry. London: Studio Vista. 1969. Cote/Call number: TT174.7 J3 1966

JANITCH, Valerie. Fun with Puppets and Soft Toys. London: Kaye & Ward. 1974. Cote/Call number: TT174.7 J35 1974

KAMERMAN, Sylvia E. (Editor) (1991) The Big Book of Folktale Plays : One-Act Adaptations of Folktales from Around the World, for Stage and Puppet Performance

KEENE, Donald. Bunraku: The Art of the Japanese Puppet Theatre. [Tokyo?] : Kodansha International Ltd. 1973. Cote/Call number: PN1978 J3 K44 1973

KRAUS, Gottfried. The Salzburg Marionette Theatre. [Salzburg]: Residenz Verlag. 1966. Cote/Call number: PN1978 A8 K73 1966

LASKY, Kathryn. Puppeteer. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. 1985. Cote/Call number: PN1982 D38 L37 1985

LEACH, Robert. The Punch & Judy Show: History, Tradition and Meaning. Athens (Georgia): The University of Georgia Press. 1985. Cote/Call number: PN1979 P9 L4 1985

LEEPER, Vera. Indian Legends Live in Puppetry: A Creative Manual. Healdsburg (Calif.): Naturegraph Publishers Inc. 1973. Cote/Call number: PN1982 L4 A318 1973

LUCKIN, Joyce. Easy to Make Puppets. London: Harrap. 1975. Cote/Call number: TT176.7 L8 1975

LYNCH-WATSON, Janet. The Shadow Puppet Book. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 1980. Cote/Call number: PN1979 S5 L96 1980

McPHARLIN, Paul. Animal Marionettes. Birmingham (Mich.): The Author (Puppetry Imprints Handbook 10). 1936. Cote/Call number: PN1972 M25 1936

---. Puppet Hands and their Making with a Note on Feet. Birmingham (Mich.): The Author (Puppetry Handbooks No.2). 1932. Cote/Call number: PN1972 M256 1932

---. Puppet Heads and Their Making. Birmingham (Mich.): The Author. 1931. Cote/Call number: PN1972 M255 1931

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OBRAZTSOV, Sergei. My Profession. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House. [1950]. Cote/Call number: PN1978 R8 O27 1950

PFLOMM, Phyllis Noe (1994) Puppet Plays Plus : Hand Puppet Plays for Two Puppeteers

SSCROEDER, Joanne F. (1995) Fun Puppet Skits for Schools and Libraries Englewood, Colorado: Teacher Ideas Press. ISBN 1-53608-298-5

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---. The History of the English Toy Theatre. Boston: Publishers Plays, Inc. 1969. Cote/Call number: PN1972 S635 1969

STEVENS, Martin (1997) Stevens’ Course in Puppetry North Vancouver, B.C., Canada: Charlemagne Press. ISBN: 0-921845-16-2

SWEENEY, Amin. Malay Shadow Puppets: The Wayang Siam of Kelantan. London: The Trustees of the British Museum. 1972. Cote/Call number: PN1979 S5 S9 1972

SZILÁGYI, Dezso. Contemporary Hungarian Puppet Theatre. [Budapest]: Corvina Press. 1978. Cote/Call number: PN1078 H8 C66 1978

TAYLOR, Bruce (1989) Marionette Magic : From Concept to Curtain Call

TAYMOR, Julie and David Blumenthal (1995) Playing with Fire Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

TAYMOR, Julie with Alexis Greene (1997) The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway New York: Hyperion

TILROE, Robert. Puppetry and Television. Willowdale (Ont.): Ontario Puppetry Association Publishing Company. 1981. Cote/Call number: PN1992.8 P86 T55 1981

WRIGHT, John. Rod, Shadow and Glove: Puppets from the Little Angel Theatre. London: Robert Hale. 1986. Cote/Call number: TT174.7 W75 1986