Mary I. Duprey


Mary I. Duprey was a teacher and a self-taught artist. She often gave paintings to friends and relatives as gifts and as keepsakes. Her works were rarely exhibited. Often her paintings were signed, "MDuprey" or "M.Duprey" or "M.I. Duprey." She received some notoriety in Presque Isle, Maine, for being the "Gramma Moses of Northern Maine".

Believing deeply in the power of art to heal and to teach, she would often make drawings for students as illustrations for their writing projects. She was an amateur entymologist, and photographed insects with a c.1960 Mimiya camera and an 8mm lens.

The works on this page are but a fraction of the many she completed in her lifetime. If anyone has any information (or photos) to share about her work, please e-mail info (at) purplerock (dot) org.



Self Portrait, 1956


Lady Ellen Barr with painting by Mary I. Duprey

Ice skating scene, c.1955-7

This painting was sent to Mary's father, who was in a veteran's home in Los Angeles.

He enjoyed it for a few years until his death in 1959. At that time, his son brought it home to Dallas,

where it hung for many years. It eventually went to my mother's niece, shown here standing next to the painting.


Presque Isle Snow Scene, circa 1954




c. 1963






Baby Rolande

c. 1958



Beautiful Woman

c. 1966



Eagle Lake Winter Scene

c. 1960's


Into September

c. 1970's


Nature Collage

c. 1980's

Nature Collage (detail)


Nature Collage (detail)





c. 1970's



Fanciful Moths

by Mary Duprey, c. 1970's.



Butterfly with Tiger Lilly

by Mary Duprey, c. 1970's.



Praying Mantis

by Mary Duprey, c. 1970's.