To book a Purple Rock Production:

E-mail:  info (at)

(For brochure, leave name & address. Specify desired date for show)

or Phone: (860) 528-6892

(leave name, phone number and convenient time to call)


For each booking, a performance contract is drafted in duplicate and is signed by representatives of the venue as well as Purple Rock. This contract describes the date and time of the performance, what the performance entails, what type of space is needed and the cost of the performance.


Making Cents: A new puppet show!

Purple Rock has a new show that teaches children about money: what it is, how it is earned, saved and spent. The show fits into any classroom space. 


Special Funding for Libraries and Museums

Funding for Purple Rock programming in libraries and museums took place in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Over thirty programs were funded. The libraries also received 50% matching funds they could use to buy books or pay for additional programs. This was all due to a single, private individual, who chose to commit a certain amount of money for each of the three years. Individuals can and do make a difference.

Though great need exists for library programming, it is unfortunately the one line item in most budgets that is the first cut and the last to be replaced. Yet, the public library is often the only place where children and families can experience the unique type of programs companies like Purple Rock produce.

Look at the statistical evidence. The Pew Research Center has published polls about library use and the importance of the library in the community. Also check out the Programming Librarian website.