Current Productions:


Ecological Logic:
This puppet pantomime with live music tells a meaningful story about a sea turtle that is saved from suffocating on a plastic bag, and how the guy that saves him is transformed.

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In this wild and waky adaptation of the classic tale, an old washerwoman tells the story using a variety of objects and puppets found in the laundry. More information

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Making Cents

Sherri has just lost her third jump rope to the chewing habits of her dog, Brownie. How is she going to get another one? Her Dad won't give her money to buy one, so she decides to EARN the money. Her job is made more difficult when Brownie gets involved. In addition to learning about money, students will learn about setting limits, saying "no" and what happens when you don't take care of your things.

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The Snowmaiden:
A winter fantasy based on the Russian folktale. Performed with marionettes, live music and an introductory Russian folk dance. The set resembles a Russian lacquer box, the puppets are marionettes performed in Toy Theatre style.
For ages 3-103. More Information

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Puppet Panorama:
A multimedia, multicultural, multi-puppet production. Five different types of puppets from around the world are represented: Music reflects the different lands, and the method of travel. A short lesson in puppet manipulation rounds out the program, with audience members trying their hand at puppetry. All ages have enjoyed this program. More Information

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Spinning Straw Into Gold:
A farcical retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin story, told with hand puppets. The audience is invited to sing along with the puppets, ask questions and name names! More Information

The Basket Case

A mystery story! A little boy searches for his mother in Basket City, finding many surprises along the way. More Information


A Puppet Vaudeville:
Puppets, marionettes, music and audience participation makes this show lively and fun for everyone!

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Wonderful Walkabouts:
Individual puppet characters roam as street entertainment or for special events. Some are Renaissance figures! Choices range from giant parade figures (a Singing Sunflower, for example) to a tiny "kissing" fish marionette that "swims" around people's heads....
"People are thoroughly enchanted"
~Ann Quinn (Public Relations, Middlesex Hospital, after booking it for the third time) More Information

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River Tales:
The Rainbow Serpent, a powerful myth from Australia, is only one of the many tales told about rivers all over the world. More Information










Past Productions:

The Alien Ate It:
A science fiction mystery which celebrates cultural diversity while teaching tolerance, understanding and intergalactic harmony. Rod puppets, a marionette, a body puppet and a giant "transformer" puppet are part of the peacemaking magic. "...Not only is the story meaningful and full of metaphors and analogies, but the words themselves titillate the most impactful works it says more than it says..."
~Dr. Carolyn Falk. More Information

The Second Shepherd's Play:
A medieval Christmas farce performed with four puppeteers in full view of the audience. Live music of the period is played on hammer dulcimer. The puppets are table top rod puppets (American Bunraku), sumptuously costumed and deftly manipulated. "It is authentic medieval theater; and certain to provide a new take on the Christmas story."
~The Norwich Bulletin, December 1997. More Information


Shakepeare's Comedy of Errors

The story of two sets of twins consistently being mistaken for one another tickles funny bones! More information


Ting! An Inept Angel is an original solo adult puppet piece which focuses on family, love, and the struggle for happiness.More Information


Mother Nature Tells All:
A TV interviewer tries to contact that Most Marvelous Meddler and Gossip of the Grapevine, Mother Nature.


Custom Made Puppet Productions:
Puppet techniques can enliven history and other topics for both children and adults. Contact Purple Rock for your specific needs. E-mail Purple Rock



Puppets Speak Out!
A residency developed by Rolande Duprey and Elizabeth Thomas of Upwords Poetry ( Puppets can be built and manipulated with the idea that each step along the way can be a prompt to write poetry for the character being created. This workshop was delivered to the Hot Schools Intensive for teachers in 2009.

Transform, Transfigure and Transport: Creating Original Folktales
A residency developed by Rolande Duprey and writer Leslie Johnson that incorporates lessons about writing with creating original characters that tell a tale of transformation. This workshop was delivered to the Hot Schools Intensive for teachers in 2010.

History of Puppetry Lecture/Demonstration:
Another cavalcade of puppets from all over the world! Questions and mysteries surround the origins of puppetry, and students are invited to offer explanations, to manipulate the figures, or to perform a short skit. This demonstration can be adapted for any age group.


Puppet building and performance techniques:
Shadow figures, rod puppets and other types of puppets can be created. Each workshop is geared specifically to the needs of the group. See list of workshops.


Presentations and lessons for professionals:
Learn basics or develop specific exercises or skills to use in your own work. Puppetry is used in hospitals, as physical therapy, for hard-to-reach children, and for the emotionally disturbed. It is used in Zoos (the San Diego Zoo had a puppet Californian Condor that fed the chicks while the real one was hatching more eggs). Puppetry is a perfect educational tool, helping to foster team work and inter-disciplinary studies. It is a theatre art, and many theatre companies are using puppets in their productions. Do you have a special application which requires a puppet-related question or consultation? Call or E-mail Purple Rock! If we can't answer your question, we will point you toward someone who can.
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